All you need to know about an iPhone 5 case

iPhone 5 Case

iPhone 5 Case

An iPhone is a smart buy for anyone looking for a cellular phone that is both efficient, as well as stylish. Therefore, as an owner; it is perfectly understandable to want to protect the phone in the best way possible. There are many different iPhone 5 cases out there that allow you to do just that. Here a quick look at few of them.

An iPhone is designed to look smooth. Unfortunately, the sleekness of the phone also makes it a little ‘slippery’. With a silicone iPhone 5 case, you wouldn’t have to worry about your phone falling out of your grasp though. They provide an easy and firm grip, while also keeping your phone safe from scratches and damage. Generally, these cases are used in tandem with plastic screen protectors that safeguard the screen and simultaneously provide a clear view of the same. The silicone cases are available in a wide variety of colors; thereby, providing several fashionable options for the style conscious.

The aluminum iPhone 5 cases are considered to be one of the best protection options for the gadget. They are lightweight and have a strategic cutout free space that allows users to access their phone easily without exposing it to any kind of harm. These covers are also available in a wide variety of appealing shades.

The Leather iPhone5 case is highly popular and is quite similar to their silicon counterparts.  These have proven to be a big hit with iPhone 5 users who require style options as well as color variations. Polycarbonate plastic cases are much in demand as well and are very pleasing to the eye.

Customized iPhone battery case is available for owners who like their gadgets to reflect their personality. These are widely available in online stores, which provide a wide variety of designs and options to choose from. You can choose from a range of materials or even have your family photograph printed onto the case if you like. What’s more, most of these come with money back guarantees.

Pocket pouches are fast becoming popular with iPhone users the world around. The smaller ones fit easily in the pocket and are attractive to look at. They allow for easy handling and take up lesser space than many of their larger counterparts.

The Xtreme Mac Sport Wrap is the ideal iPhone 5 Case for those who wish to keep their iPhones with them; even as they work out. Other than protecting the phone and screen during an intense exercise regimen, the case can also be fitted easily and firmly to the user’s upper arm. Being superlight, it does not hinder free body movement in any way.

While there are several options to choose from when it comes to iPhone 5 Cases, it’s prudent to try and find the one that fits your requirements the best. For example, if you consider yourself a social butterfly, you may want to invest in a slim and sleek case that is stylish and also provides basic protection for your phone.

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Use iPad Battery Extenders to enhance your video time

iPad Battery Extender

iPad Battery Extender

Once you become an iPad owner, you will probably find it difficult to live without the convenience of having it available and functional. But what do you do when the battery power has dipped dangerously below workable levels? How do you extend your battery life? Read on for more.

In most cases, changing the way you use the iPad is a great way to save battery life. For instance, if you’re a heavy internet user, you can try and minimize battery usage by opting to connect with a cellular phone network rather than a Wi-Fi one.

IPad’s offer pushes accounts that allow messages to be delivered automatically to your iPad without you having to check for the same manually. Unfortunately, this otherwise convenient feature can drain your battery life and therefore, it’s best to keep it turned off as much as possible. Location services such as Maps app rely on GPS or global positioning system of the Mobile phone networks to find out where you are. You can use it to locate restaurants, shops hospitals and other such places by simply searching for the same within your locality. However, as with the push accounts; the service can also deplete your battery life and so, should only be used sparingly.

Something as simple as toning down the brightness of your iPad screen maybe enough to ensure better battery life. Setting it to maximum will only increase the need for battery power. If you’d rather not set the brightness manually, you can use the Auto brightness feature that is commonly found in most iPad and works by adjusting brightness in accordance to ambient light.  You can also lock your iPad when you’re not using it for further battery life extension.

Other than these handy ways of saving on iPad battery life; you can also consider investing in an iPad battery extender. The iCurve Dual Ports Charger is an iPad external battery extender – a 5th generation USB style power bank. Compatible with all iPad versions; the iCurve will provide long lasting battery life, no matter where you go. It’s ideal for long trips that make it difficult for you to reach a power outlet.

The Hypermac is another popular iPad battery extender – recently updated with a 10W USB charging which can enhance battery life by 34 to a whopping 99 hours. Those with iPad 3G, can invest in a Battery Extender External Power Backup. This works with every iPad version and can be carried around easily. It can extend your battery life by 2-4 hours depending on the type and your iPad operation mode.

Most of these external iPad Battery Extenders can be used to enhance video time. The duration is however dependant on the battery model and capacity. The better quality ones can increase battery life by almost 4 times the original iPad battery power capacity.

So if you’re heavily reliant on your iPad, you may want to try the options given above to conserve battery life and make the most of this handy gadget.

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Exceptional Power Bank & Backup Battery for iPhone

Power BankThe iPhone is undoubtedly one of Apple’s most successful products and quite justifiably so. This feature packed smart phone doubles as an efficient work station as well as a compelling style statement. Therefore, it makes sense to keep the gadget safe from harm. Every essential part and accessory should be protected from damage to ensure optimal performance. The battery, the very core of the phone, must be particularly well maintained, and so, it’s best to invest in a good quality iPhone compatible battery case to do the job. Here’s more.

The Apple iPhone battery is an exceptional power bank and can keep the device going for as long as 7 hours continuously. However, given that the iPhone is used in many more ways than simply making calls; the battery power may seem a slightly inadequate. In such a case, it is always better to get a good quality battery case for iPhone for assured performance.

A quality battery case for iPhone will not only protect the battery from any kind of damage; but also help boost battery life. The cases come equipped with their own batteries and can double your talk time. What’s more, the batteries are connected inside the case and fit easily outside the smart phone – similar to any other iPhone cover case. This feature makes the iPhone battery case extremely convenient for iPhone owners around the world.

These battery cases are now mass produced by Apple as well as other companies, owing to the popularity of the iPhone. Thus, it can be confusing trying to find the one that best fits your requirements. Some of the most popular battery case manufacturers though, include Exo gear and boost cases.  The cases produced by these companies are currently considered to be the best in the markets.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to a battery case for iPhone. Cases from individual companies often have unique features that are sold at different prices. Once you’ve narrowed down your requirements you can pick a battery case for iPhone accordingly. Brand, color, performance, and sleekness are just some of the factors you may want to consider before making a purchase.  However, it’s always prudent to research all available options to make the best choice; given that they’re expensive.

You should ideally buy a rechargeable battery case to prevent your phone battery power from getting depleted when you need it the most. Other than keeping your phone charged, the case can also be used as a substitute power source. So, you can make calls, download stuff or anything else without using up your phone power.

Most of these cases are very durable and are available in a wide range of colors and styles. To find the best deals on the same, you may consider looking online. They also make for a great Christmas gift or other festival gift.

Whatever you choose, you must ensure that the battery case is of high quality to ensure maximum protection for your iPhone as well as extended backup battery for iPhone.

Enjoy your Music with iPhone Docking Station

The iPhone is by all accounts, a superb communications gadget. It is further complimented by handy and stylish accessories that allow users to make the most of this device. The iPhone docking station for instance, is one of the hottest selling iPhone accessories in the market. Here, we find out more about this useful and trendy companion for your iPhone.

The iPhone docking station is quite similar to its iPod counterpart. In the past, the iPhones were available with individual docks that allowed users to charge the phone and also access the iPhone screen simultaneously. They could be used to add music to the iPhone as well. The newer models however, do not come with a dock.

The docking station works best for people who enjoy music. You can easily connect the iPhone to your stereo with this accessory. The older docking stations are convenient with simple handling and are still as popular today, as they ever were. You can use it as a part of your entertainment system or an alternative to a good CD player.

There are several things to consider when you’re looking to buy a brand new iPhone docking station. For starters, you must consider the specifications and requirements of the iPhone model you own. There are various cradles that have been designed in keeping with different iPhone styles. You can also find individual docking stations that are compatible with most of the available iPhones.

Those who travel frequently may want to invest in a smaller size iPhone docking station. These are easily portable and come with various power source options including batteries and solar panels. Homebodies however, have more to gain from larger size docks with superior sound quality. They are typically wall mountable and can be integrated with your television or home theater systems. They can be used outdoors as well and are available with water proof features, upon request. What’s more, they can be directly connected to your desktop or laptop for hassle free synchronization, minus the cables. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity is also available.

iPhone docking stations can be bought easily online as well as offline. Do remember to test out the device before making a purchase though. A valid warranty is also important; and you should not have to pay any premiums for the same.

The amount of money you have to shell out for your iPhone docking station depends on various factors including the brand you choose. Generally models are available for as little as $30. However, the price can go upto a $1000 for docking stations with unique features or qualities. Some of the most well known iPhone docking station brands include iHome, iLive, iLove Ipod, JBL, Sony, RCA and Jensen.

The best way to choose a good product is to look at reliable reviews. Reviews will help you compare different features and attributes. Look for a product that scores high in several different areas including audio quality, size and design, portability, remote control and bonus features.

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Essential iPad Accessories to Entertain your Life

The iPad is undoubtedly the latest lifestyle ‘IT’ gadget; and can be found in the pocket of every tech conscious individual in the world. Given it popularity; it’s hardly surprising, that Apple – as well as other companies- are constantly releasing brand new accessories that enhance the performance and practicality of this vastly popular product. Here’s a look at some of the hottest ones currently available in the market.

The iPad Keyboard Dock is one of the most sought after iPad  accessories in the world. This keyboard cum dock has connectors that may be connected to an electrical outlet for computer synchronization. There’s also an audio line that may be used to attach speakers. The full size keyboard has all the usual Apple features including function key shortcuts that may be used to activate the iPad– much in the way of a Mac book.  The keyboard and dock are available separately as well. The dock can be used for charging, keeping the iPad upright or simply attaching more connectors. The keyboard has a powerful Bluetooth that allows you to work on the iPad from a distance of about 30 feet.

The iPad case is one of the most essential iPad accessories and allows you to do much more than simply protect you’re the device. You can fold it over to position your gadget in a way that enables you to view the screen content better without having to hold it in your hand. Non Apple cases however, are not designed to do the same and only safeguard your iPad from harm. Water proof iPad cases are also available and offer the right amount of style and practicality.

You can further protect your iPad by getting hold of a screen protector. The screen is obviously vulnerable to scratches and fingerprints – especially when you’re traveling. With a well made protector, you can avoid all of that. Anti glare protective shields work best and are available for as little as $5 a piece from third party retailers on the internet.

The iPad camera connection kit is a photographers-dream-come-true. It allows you to connect your digital camera to the iPad and transfer all your videos and audio files via the same. You can import or export media through the USB cable or the SD card. You can also consider getting an iPad dock connector to VGA adapter that allow you to connect your iPad to other gadgets such as LCD screen, TV or computer monitor or even a projector.

The Apple Composite AV cable allows the user to enjoy big screen entertainment with matching sound by simply connecting the iPad to the TV or home theater. In case of low battery, you can charge the iPad with the help of the Apple 10W USB Power adapter.

Lastly, if you prefer a more personalized way of listening to music on your iPad, you may consider buying an Apple in-ear headphone with mic and remote. The wireless remote and mic make it more convenient for you to listen to your favorite tunes- whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home.

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