Essential iPad Accessories to Entertain your Life

The iPad is undoubtedly the latest lifestyle ‘IT’ gadget; and can be found in the pocket of every tech conscious individual in the world. Given it popularity; it’s hardly surprising, that Apple – as well as other companies- are constantly releasing brand new accessories that enhance the performance and practicality of this vastly popular product. Here’s a look at some of the hottest ones currently available in the market.

The iPad Keyboard Dock is one of the most sought after iPad  accessories in the world. This keyboard cum dock has connectors that may be connected to an electrical outlet for computer synchronization. There’s also an audio line that may be used to attach speakers. The full size keyboard has all the usual Apple features including function key shortcuts that may be used to activate the iPad– much in the way of a Mac book.  The keyboard and dock are available separately as well. The dock can be used for charging, keeping the iPad upright or simply attaching more connectors. The keyboard has a powerful Bluetooth that allows you to work on the iPad from a distance of about 30 feet.

The iPad case is one of the most essential iPad accessories and allows you to do much more than simply protect you’re the device. You can fold it over to position your gadget in a way that enables you to view the screen content better without having to hold it in your hand. Non Apple cases however, are not designed to do the same and only safeguard your iPad from harm. Water proof iPad cases are also available and offer the right amount of style and practicality.

You can further protect your iPad by getting hold of a screen protector. The screen is obviously vulnerable to scratches and fingerprints – especially when you’re traveling. With a well made protector, you can avoid all of that. Anti glare protective shields work best and are available for as little as $5 a piece from third party retailers on the internet.

The iPad camera connection kit is a photographers-dream-come-true. It allows you to connect your digital camera to the iPad and transfer all your videos and audio files via the same. You can import or export media through the USB cable or the SD card. You can also consider getting an iPad dock connector to VGA adapter that allow you to connect your iPad to other gadgets such as LCD screen, TV or computer monitor or even a projector.

The Apple Composite AV cable allows the user to enjoy big screen entertainment with matching sound by simply connecting the iPad to the TV or home theater. In case of low battery, you can charge the iPad with the help of the Apple 10W USB Power adapter.

Lastly, if you prefer a more personalized way of listening to music on your iPad, you may consider buying an Apple in-ear headphone with mic and remote. The wireless remote and mic make it more convenient for you to listen to your favorite tunes- whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home.

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