Use iPad Battery Extenders to enhance your video time

iPad Battery Extender

iPad Battery Extender

Once you become an iPad owner, you will probably find it difficult to live without the convenience of having it available and functional. But what do you do when the battery power has dipped dangerously below workable levels? How do you extend your battery life? Read on for more.

In most cases, changing the way you use the iPad is a great way to save battery life. For instance, if you’re a heavy internet user, you can try and minimize battery usage by opting to connect with a cellular phone network rather than a Wi-Fi one.

IPad’s offer pushes accounts that allow messages to be delivered automatically to your iPad without you having to check for the same manually. Unfortunately, this otherwise convenient feature can drain your battery life and therefore, it’s best to keep it turned off as much as possible. Location services such as Maps app rely on GPS or global positioning system of the Mobile phone networks to find out where you are. You can use it to locate restaurants, shops hospitals and other such places by simply searching for the same within your locality. However, as with the push accounts; the service can also deplete your battery life and so, should only be used sparingly.

Something as simple as toning down the brightness of your iPad screen maybe enough to ensure better battery life. Setting it to maximum will only increase the need for battery power. If you’d rather not set the brightness manually, you can use the Auto brightness feature that is commonly found in most iPad and works by adjusting brightness in accordance to ambient light.  You can also lock your iPad when you’re not using it for further battery life extension.

Other than these handy ways of saving on iPad battery life; you can also consider investing in an iPad battery extender. The iCurve Dual Ports Charger is an iPad external battery extender – a 5th generation USB style power bank. Compatible with all iPad versions; the iCurve will provide long lasting battery life, no matter where you go. It’s ideal for long trips that make it difficult for you to reach a power outlet.

The Hypermac is another popular iPad battery extender – recently updated with a 10W USB charging which can enhance battery life by 34 to a whopping 99 hours. Those with iPad 3G, can invest in a Battery Extender External Power Backup. This works with every iPad version and can be carried around easily. It can extend your battery life by 2-4 hours depending on the type and your iPad operation mode.

Most of these external iPad Battery Extenders can be used to enhance video time. The duration is however dependant on the battery model and capacity. The better quality ones can increase battery life by almost 4 times the original iPad battery power capacity.

So if you’re heavily reliant on your iPad, you may want to try the options given above to conserve battery life and make the most of this handy gadget.

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