How to Sort Out the best Power Banks

Have you ever heard about “Power bank” which is very active on market? Have you ever wondered what “Power bank” is when you first heard about? Have you ever been eager to know it and spend some time on searching it? Nowadays “Power bank” is no longer the original meaning which refers to the power storage for providing electricity to household. For now, “Power bank” is regarded as the name of mobile phones external battery pack with rechargeable batteries of lithium polymer battery or 18650 type, so as to  providing emergency battery power to mobile phones when showing low battery or extending mobile phones working time. What`s more, Power bank juice your mobile phones anytime anywhere when you are on the go!

Fierce competitive as mobile phones in market, various kinds of power bank emerge one after another in just 2 years. There are so many power bank suppliers in market who claim that their power bank is the best and most competitive in market. No matter from real stores or online stores, we find that there are different brands for our selection, some of which are famous and reputed, such as Wimar, one of the leading supplier of mobile phones power bank with more than 4 years rich experience  and its headquarter located in HK, which is more convenience for distributors, wholesales, even for retailers to get samples or products; and what`s the most worthy to put forward is that Wimar iPhone emergency battery has got MFI (Apple license, which guarantee Wimar iPhone emergency battery quality and give customers 100% confidence. PS: Wimar iPhone emergency battery is compatible for all iPhone 3, 3G, 4, 4s as well as iPod series);

But, some of power bank suppliers finding from Internet are unreliable in some way, and what`s the worst is that they provide the worst power bank which may happen battery died after only using one time while there is no warranty or guarantee from them.

Hereby, we have to keep in mind that how to sort out best power bank from market and maintain our brand.

l  Firstly, the most important is the battery type assembled in a power bank.

As mentioned above, there are several kinds of batteries types from lithium polymer, to 18650. Of course, the most reliable is lithium polymer which has great reputation in market and won`t have any worry about explosion. Wimar technology ltd all power banks are assembled with lithium polymer batteries purchased from a list company.

 l  Secondly, it is the battery transform ratio determining the power bank.

How to test transform ration? Just using it to charge your phone and remember the electricity power and charging time. For example, if the power bank capacity is around 8000mAH, it should charge iPad from Zero to full while iPad capacity is more than 6000mAH. The 2000mAH is consumed by inside components. Then the ratio is 6000mAH divides 8000mAH equal 75%. That`s not the best but it is already a better power bank than others. Then other important point is the charging time. It depends on the Output current. iPad requires 2A input at least and with 2A output power bank charges mobile phones in a faster way than 1A output.

 l  Thirdly, the last but not the least to mention about is the shell material and surface treatment.

Usually most power bank shell adopts PPS material which is already hard enough for using. Fortunately, Wimar power bank adopts a better treatment on surface, called IML (In mould lable), which makes surface smoother and brighter. And moreover, the surface hardness reaches to 2H hardness, anti-scratching.

Of course, there are other methods to figure out good power bank from others. Anyway, Above 3 methods are just for power bank distributors` reference. If you have any interesting to bring up more, please leave a message here.

Enrich your digital experience with iPad accessories

iPad AccessoriesOn the heels of Apple`s success, the invention of  iPad turns a new leaf since its launching and starts a fire-new epoch of digital devices, which arouse a strong resounding not only among electronics fans but also common public. It is given highest evaluation and comments since the invention of tablets due to its portability, compatibility, various applications and multifunction which combines both features and functions of Smart phones and a laptop. Given high speaking of iPad in market, iPad accessories has flooded into digital devices as a brainstorming as well as iPad accessories suppliers emerge one after another in order to occupy a share from market.

In a certain way, iPad can be regarded as a kind of investment though it doesn`t cost an arm and leg. Besides it is a digital device, the iPad is somehow a status symbol. And it is imperative and necessary to properly take care. Though you have a detail iPad accessories list in mind which includes iPad cases& covers, acoustics, projectors, screen protectors, iPad external batteries, iPad portable power bank and iPad emergency batteries, it is difficult to sort out considerableand reliableiPad accessories which worth to purchase. In protecting, personalizing, upgrading, extending enjoying time, delivering emergent power, iPad accessories somehow are a great help to those who can`t leave behind iPad wherever they are and wherever they go. Given high praise, some of iPad accessories deserve it and reach expectation of market, some of which even filling with surprise after using it.

In such a competitive and crowed iPad accessories market, standing out is very significant basing on appearance, specialty, designing, function, popularity, practicality and economics. However, some iPad accessories suppliers don`t live up to those factors while several other suppliers have such conditions to cater to picky iPad accessories distributors. And on recently HK fair and Canton fair, show up and stand out several novelty and distinctive iPad accessories, which give a big shock and arrest most distributors` eyes, such as high reputation iPhone/iPad manufacturer—SINOELE, which display new hot sale iPad dual USB ports external battery and iPad portable power bank. The iPad dual USB ports power bank is quite useful for those who are always on business trip, on travelling journey, on hiking and always on the move. The external battery comes with high capacity and dual USB ports, which simultaneously charge iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet. It gets great attention due to its practicality and convenience and also is widely preferred by iPad distributors and users as Sinoele iPad dual USB power bank support iPad working another 10 hours for playing games, surfing in Internet, listening music, watching movies and video talking.

When it comes to digital devices experience, we always talk about iPhone, iPad as well as their famous and useful accessories. However, compared with various iPad accessories in market, one has to be competitive, novelty and outstanding, then, it has a chance to occupy digital devices shares in market. Therefore, most iPad accessories suppliers rack their brains to be outstanding. Plus iPad accessories of Sinoele are already getting some shares in market and famous all over the world, exporting to Europe, Germany, Italy, Spanish, Swiss, America, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Asia, and South Africa……

Enrich our digital devices experience withiPad accessories which get high reputation and occupy great share in market, even getting some novelties for a try. Perhaps we will be the first one to find out another better iPad accessories supplier then. Please do not forget to get one Sinoele iPad accessories for a practical using and collection. We will see another amazing iPad accessories experience with it!

Festival Gifts Buying Ideas

Festival GiftsFestival season comes around from October to December, particularly the Christmas and New Year for which we expect a long time when we can have a good vacation staying with family members and friends. We always want to show our gratitude and thankful to our family and friends via Festival gifts. In a certain way, Festival gifts stand for our sincerity and feelings beyond expression. However, Festival gifts buying ideas sometimes are a headache for us. We want to buy special and distinctive festival gifts to our special ones.

There are varieties of different Festival gifts arresting our eyes, which mess up our minds to sort out better and more suitable Festival gifts. We would buy suitable festival gifts rather than high and expansive ones which are impractical and useless. We did a survey about festival gifts buying before among teenagers and adults and found that most people always have no ideas to bring up good thoughts. Someone says that it always takes several days to think about festival gifts buying when a festival is approaching. Sometimes we want our festival gifts special and unique under the circumstance of expressing unrequited love for many days, even several years. However, it occurs to be an issue while we don`t have any ideas in mind.

What`s more, we should keep in mind that different festivals ask for different gifts which represent different meanings and significance. We have to pay attention on different culture and different habits. Usually, for thankfulness and emotion expressions, we consider flowers or lovely tolls; for family lovers, we consider jewelry or necklace for memorizing unforgettable festival; for friends, we would like to buy them fashionable and stylish festival gifts;

For practicality, we consider applied and useful items, for example, a plug-in iPhone 4s battery is regarded as a very good festival gift, designed and produced by professional iPhone/iPad accessories manufacturer—Wimar technology ltd, headquarter located at HK, easier for both wholesaler or retailers to get samples; Moreover, compatible for iPhone3, iPhone 3G, 3Gs, as well as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, mini, portable, compact, use-friendly, versatile, easy-carried, Wimar iPhone emergency battery gets MFI (Apple license), which means Wimar iPhone emergency battery gets the approval from Apple company and has a right to sale with quality ensure, warranty and insurance.

Festival gifts can be an identity showing in a certain way. Anyway, different categories of festival gifts have each unique meaning.

  • Indoor decorations – we can present to those who just move into a new household.
  • Outdoor equipments – To those who like outdoor activities
  • Travelling tools – To those who are travelling enthusiastic
  • Digital devices – iPhone/iPad accessories, External battery pack, Power bank, Mobile phones chargers, BTW, Wimar technology`s iPhone/iPad accessories get high reputation overseas, providing high quality and reasonable price mobile phone accessories.
  • Clothes or decoration or flowers – To those who like to treat themselves always in a beautiful status.

Mentioning about iPhone accessories, it reminded us of that day we bought a Wimar iPhone emergency battery for one of our friend who is a big digital devices fan as a festival gifts. He said that was fantastic and he has never seen a battery made as an object of art before. Of course, Wimar iPhone emergency was useful and compatible for iPhone 4,4s as well as iPod series. He said that it was the best festival gift he got in this year. That was the most delightful news for all of us who spent a lot time on searching special festival gifts on line.

Certainly, you may offer better festival gifts buying ideas. Please freely speak out and bring up more ideas about distinctive festival gifts. Or you can leave a message and comments here!

Choose the Christmas Gifts from SINO ELECTRON for Your Families and Friends

Christmas Promotion GiftChristmas will coming soon now, do you have already prepared the gift for your families and friend. Christmas day is a big festival in many countries and this day people will send out the prepared the gift to others. Sometimes people will choose the chocolate, dolls or they do the gift by themselves, such as greeting card. However, these gift maybe you can repeat to send out and when the people get them maybe have lost the exciting for that. If you think to change the gift styles or maybe you should choose the new Christmas promotion gift.

In recently years, more and more Christmas promotion gift have come out, they have different styles, some of them lovely, some of them can eat, some of them just for show. So do you want to choose one gift can be used in our daily life. Maybe you will think it is impossible, but I just want to say there is a kind of products owns the noble appearance and can suitable for different smart mobile phones. And now I will introduce one useful Christmas promotion gift for you. It is a kind of external battery charger made by SINOELE cans charger different mobile phones. And it can supply the power to your mobile phones and can help you deal with the emergency problem. And with this Christmas promotion gift you can enjoy the different amazing life.

These years, people always want to find the different product as the Christmas gift, in this big festival many people want to make the gift more significant and want the gift can make a impressed. So this kind external battery charger can be special one. The noble appearance will makes the product more generous; when the product looks the gift will like it very much. Actually, I think the most important is its practicability. The best gift is it can help you make your life easy and more exciting. This kind of life is most of people want to have.

So many merchant want to make a different, and launch the consumer electronic products as the Christmas promotion gift, and some of them reflect that the result is amazing. Many customers choose this kind of product on side want to show the festival happy and another side want to make their gifts have the good function during their life. And this point is the most important.

Christmas promotion gift choose SINOELE brand products show the customer that there are not the limited when you choose the Christmas gift for your families and friend. The gift you choose just want to increasing the color in the life and makes people’s life more different. The gift is a piece of your wish and hopes for the people your concern. And just now I said the consumer electronic products have become the choice of the Christmas promotion gift. Because this kind product owns the high technology and quality, we can say they are the result of the time. No matter from the function and appearance, it always can be the best choice for the people.

External battery charger as one most important product of consumer electronic has become one part of people’s life. So this product as the Christmas promotion gift also can attract the eyes of customers. When you stand in the front of the Christmas promotion gift shelf in one supermarket and you don’t know which gift you want to choose. And now I can let you know the external battery charger can be one your best choice. It is not only one gift, it also can help you deal with your mobile phone power off, and now I can make sure you can make the choice and this also will let your gift is special and unique.

Power Bank for Mobile Phones

power bankPower bank for mobile phone is one kind of product during recently years. And this new kind product also be popular during the users. Moreover with iPhone mobile phones and others smart mobile phone come out the market, this also makes power bank for mobile phones been the need of people in the daily life. Power bank for mobile phones made by SINOELE, have become more and more popular in all over the world.

We also give it one name is moving power house, because this kind of product is the lithium battery charger and it can storage the power inside, and when you use it, it can supply the power to your devices. When you on the train, or going the trip, your mobile phone or others devices have on power. When this situation happens maybe you will worried and don’t have idea for that. And if you own the power bank for mobile phones this problem can be changed. Because the power bank for mobile phones with his function can help you deal the problem. You don’t worry for that. And power bank for mobile phone from SINOELE, have different kinds. They also have different capacity, with the increasing of the capacity and the function will be more obvious.

Some people may be worried that this product is not suitable for their mobile phones, actually you don’t need to worry that because the power bank for mobile phone from SINOELE including 6 connectors, and these connectors suitable for many mobile phones in the current market now. It can supply the power for iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, mobile phone with Micro USB, mobile phones with Mini USB and so on. And just your mobile phones can match with the connectors it also can be charged.

When you choose power bank for mobile phones become one part of your life, you can must enjoy the different life and you will find your life is amazing. Power bank for mobile phones can supply the power to your devices anytime anywhere; it does not have the limit of space and time. Once your device have no power, you can use the power bank to charge for it, you still can do what you like, such as listen music, see the film, read the novel and so on. So I must have to say with the power bank for mobile phones, your life can be more wonderful. If you are always boring of the mobile phone suddenly power off, and you still have no method to solve it. Now you completely deal with this problem with the help of power bank for mobile phones. This kind of product can deal with the emergency situation, and make your life nicer.

Power bank for mobile phones is the necessary for someone’s life. If you are the business man you should take it in your bags, and it can help you avoid missing the important call. If you are the travel and like to go everywhere you like, and power bank for mobile phones can help contact with your travel partner. No matter what kind of your job, you should let power bank for mobile phones can be your friend, your partner and one necessary of your life.

Everyone wants to make the life more amazing and wonderful. With power bank for mobile phones your life must be the different. And the powers off life will far away from you, everyday you can have a power life and you will comfort the happy moment time. So please don’t hesitate to pick up one for yourself, because the wonderful life should be with you.