How to Sort Out the best Power Banks

Have you ever heard about “Power bank” which is very active on market? Have you ever wondered what “Power bank” is when you first heard about? Have you ever been eager to know it and spend some time on searching it? Nowadays “Power bank” is no longer the original meaning which refers to the power storage for providing electricity to household. For now, “Power bank” is regarded as the name of mobile phones external battery pack with rechargeable batteries of lithium polymer battery or 18650 type, so as to  providing emergency battery power to mobile phones when showing low battery or extending mobile phones working time. What`s more, Power bank juice your mobile phones anytime anywhere when you are on the go!

Fierce competitive as mobile phones in market, various kinds of power bank emerge one after another in just 2 years. There are so many power bank suppliers in market who claim that their power bank is the best and most competitive in market. No matter from real stores or online stores, we find that there are different brands for our selection, some of which are famous and reputed, such as Wimar, one of the leading supplier of mobile phones power bank with more than 4 years rich experience  and its headquarter located in HK, which is more convenience for distributors, wholesales, even for retailers to get samples or products; and what`s the most worthy to put forward is that Wimar iPhone emergency battery has got MFI (Apple license, which guarantee Wimar iPhone emergency battery quality and give customers 100% confidence. PS: Wimar iPhone emergency battery is compatible for all iPhone 3, 3G, 4, 4s as well as iPod series);

But, some of power bank suppliers finding from Internet are unreliable in some way, and what`s the worst is that they provide the worst power bank which may happen battery died after only using one time while there is no warranty or guarantee from them.

Hereby, we have to keep in mind that how to sort out best power bank from market and maintain our brand.

l  Firstly, the most important is the battery type assembled in a power bank.

As mentioned above, there are several kinds of batteries types from lithium polymer, to 18650. Of course, the most reliable is lithium polymer which has great reputation in market and won`t have any worry about explosion. Wimar technology ltd all power banks are assembled with lithium polymer batteries purchased from a list company.

 l  Secondly, it is the battery transform ratio determining the power bank.

How to test transform ration? Just using it to charge your phone and remember the electricity power and charging time. For example, if the power bank capacity is around 8000mAH, it should charge iPad from Zero to full while iPad capacity is more than 6000mAH. The 2000mAH is consumed by inside components. Then the ratio is 6000mAH divides 8000mAH equal 75%. That`s not the best but it is already a better power bank than others. Then other important point is the charging time. It depends on the Output current. iPad requires 2A input at least and with 2A output power bank charges mobile phones in a faster way than 1A output.

 l  Thirdly, the last but not the least to mention about is the shell material and surface treatment.

Usually most power bank shell adopts PPS material which is already hard enough for using. Fortunately, Wimar power bank adopts a better treatment on surface, called IML (In mould lable), which makes surface smoother and brighter. And moreover, the surface hardness reaches to 2H hardness, anti-scratching.

Of course, there are other methods to figure out good power bank from others. Anyway, Above 3 methods are just for power bank distributors` reference. If you have any interesting to bring up more, please leave a message here.

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