Wimar introduces Mobile Phone Accessories for you reference as a Christmas gift

Christmas day is coming soon. Christmas stocking, red and white Santa Claus caps, Christmas card, the Christmas tree, Christmas candle, Christmas ham, Christmas flower, Christmas lights and Christmas gift, all these words become the hottest searching keywords.

mobile phone batteryWimar as a famous Chinese iPhone accessories, iPad accessories, cell phone accessories manufacture, always pay attention to the prospects and demand of Christmas’ market. For grasping this great business opportunity, Wimar introduced a various kinds of mobile phone accessories for you reference as a Christmas gift.

Westerners consider that red, green and white are three colors for Christmas color. No matter for the Christmas lights or Christmas candles, you can see the red, green and white in any places. Then, Wimar has designed a new type of colorful Power Bank to echo the Christmas theme. Power Bank 5000 can be your best choice for Christmas gifts. It can charge for iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Dopod, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and other major cell phones or iPod, POD, PMP, PSP, NDS, PDA, cameras and other digital products through USB cable. It is a multi-function power storage and power supply product. When you are out for business or traveling, Power Bank 5000 can accompany your digital devices at anytime and anywhere as long as it has powers. With high capacity and bright colored appearance, it has proved to be a super hot selling Christmas gifts of Wimar.

The other main product of Wimar is universal mobile phone charger station. I am sure that its special and stylish appearance is a big point to become an innovative Christmas gift. UNIMAX is designed to charge various mobile phones, digital devices, cameras, portable video game station and so on. The battery charger function suits for at least 90% of the cell phones in the current market. It has 10 connectors compatible to charge for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc. 6 digital devices can be charged with it at the same time. It is really suitable for a whole family. You just need one cable to realize the easy charging. The universal mobile phone charger station can resolve all your problems of tangled cords or cables. It has 4 charging plugs and 2 USB charging ports to charge those digital devices without the mess of tangled cords. With the powerful function and the high compatibilities, universal mobile phone charger station of Wimar also will be your best choice to be presented as a Christmas gift for your partner, friend, family….

Nowadays, there are more and more iPhone users and a variety of iPhone Power Station in the current market. Wimar with the rich manufacturing and developing experience of innovative iPhone accessories, exactly know that iPhone Power Station is suitable for iPhone users. So, love them, send them iPhone Power Station as a Christmas gift. Wimar has 2 types of this series, iPhone power Station 1800 and iPhone Power Station 2200. iPhone Power Station is a portable power station for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G & 3GS, iPod, etc. There is no doubt that iPhone Power Station can bring too much convenience for your dairy life and works. With its compact size and highest capacity, you can take it in anywhere; you also can charge your digital products without cables anytime. It will extend the working time of your iPhone for a long time. iPhone Power Station is absolutely your most useful Christmas gift.

All models of Wimar have got CE, ROHS, and FCC certificates. It has quality assurance and with competitive price. Its stylish appearance and the characteristic of easy using is a good reason to choose for your own or for Christmas gift.


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