iPhone 5 Accessories with Compact Design and Reasonable Price

iPad AccessoriesSince iphone 5 go public, sales volumes never show downslide. This means Apple fans still have a passion for iphone 5. After you buy iphone 5, iphone 5 accessories are also a necessary item for you.  Due to iPhone 5 is different with iPhone 4S, so the accessories will be different. Herby, I make iphone 5 accessories list for you.

Once we refer to iphone 5 accessories, iphone power bank is the main item of these. Before the innovation of iphone, you still need iphone 5 power bank to supply enough power to your iphone 5. I will make introduction for you about Wimar iphone 5 power bank. In fact, it is not only a battery charger for iphone 5; it also can charge other mobile phone, such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG, and other mobile phones. So we also name it universal mobile phone power bank. Five years ago, little people know what is mobile phone power bank? Follow the electronic device development, more and more iphone 5 mobile powers come into market to meet with people increasing demand. Now that, iphone 5 accessories power bank is so many full in the market, how Wimar product competes with other iphone 5 power bank. The biggest advantages are compact design and reasonable price. Let me show the feature of Wimar power bank.

IML treatment, anti-scratched surface when you use mobile phone power bank

Minimizing self-energy consuming:

  • Two-color LED indicates power input and output.
  • Button operation, LED indicates battery capacity.
  • Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically
  • Charging and discharging overload protection when you charge your iPad fully

IPhone 5 Accessories:

Lightning Connector – Now the present market demands lightning connector urgently. Wimar supplies large quantity lightning connectors except mobile phone power bank lightning connector.

iPhone 5 Cases – Due to iphone 5 body is lengthened, so your iphone 4S case is not useful for iphone 5. Of course, you have to consider new iphone 5 case. Wimar supply various iphone 5 cases. Except for that, we also can offer OEM/ODM service for some customers.

In order to follow the step of electronic, Wimar React for present iphone 5 accessories market that is full of variety rapidly.


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