Power Bank – A mobile accessories for public users as well as businessmen

Power BankAs everyone knows, there are many festivals in a year. A lot of people will be looking forward to the coming of each festival. That’s because it is a good chance for them to thoroughly relax themselves by shopping or traveling after a long time of hard work. And it is also a rare opportunity to receive festival gifts from their friends, families or lovers. However, for the gift presenters, the arrival of a festival also means that the painful moment comes. I am sure that most of us have ever been troubled with festival gift choosing.

It is better to choose a festival gift not only have nice appearance, but also have practical value. The wider application it has, the better it is. There is such a kind of gadget which is very suitable for any festivals and any persons. That is Power Bank, the rechargeable external backup battery for mobile phone, tablet PC, MP3, MP4, PSP, PDA, camera and so on. With compact design and wide application, Power Bank is becoming more and more popular among young people and businessmen during these two years. In the current electronic market, there are two main types of Power Bank. One is the multi-functional Power Bank which can charge for most kinds of the Smartphones with several interchangeable connectors and one USB cable. The other is the plug-in Power Bank which is a kind of male-female pass through charger and only suitable for one type of mobile phone.

When you decide to choose a Power Bank as a festival gift, the next thing is how to select the suitable Power Banks for different persons. Here are the suggestions for your reference:

For ordinary mobile phone users:

If your lover, friends or family members are ordinary mobile phone users who usually 2~3 days have a charge, you should select the Power Banks which the capacity is between 1000mAh and 5000mAh. It will be enough for them to charge their mobile phone once a week only. It is also suitable for the companies to purchase a large quantity of these low capacity Power Banks for their staffs as festival gifts, it will not cost much. If you want to buy one piece for your lover, you’d better to buy a couple of them. One is for your lover, the other is for yourself.

For businessmen:

If the gift recipient is a businessman, or if you want to give Power Banks for your customers, it is better to choose the ones with large capacities, at least more than 5000mAh. There is a kind of Power Bank which is very suitable for those businessmen. It is Dual USB Power Bank 10000mAh designed by Wimar Technology Limited. With dual USB output ports and super high capacity, it can both charge two devices at the same time, including iPhone and iPad. After long time on the research and development, it is well received by a large part of businessmen after it came into the market at the beginning of 2012. Now it is the best sale in Wimar Technology during this year.

For a collective:

Besides above Power Banks, there is a special product in Wimar Technology which is designed for public use. That is Universal Charging Station. With 6 terminals and connectors, the universal charging station can both charge up to 6 devices at the same time. It is very useful if put such a charging station in hotel, restaurant, bar, school, hospital, KTV, office as well as other public places. Therefore, if you going to select festival gifts for a collective, it is suitable to choose this kind of universal charging station. Also, it is suitable for family use.

As you can see from above tips, you can find the best Power Bank for any persons. You just need to choose a reliable brand. Wimar Technology is the best choice.


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