IPhone 5 Cases with new design and new looks

iphone 5 caseSoon after iPhone 5 came into the electronic market in September, a lot of iPhone 5 cases appeared in digital malls, mobile phone shops, supermarkets as well as other stores. Among all those iPhone 5 cases, the plastic case, silicon case, crystal case and leather case are the most popular ones in current market. And as the competition becomes more and more fierce, all the manufacturers are trying their best to develop iPhone 5 cases with attractive appearances and multi-functions to catch people’s eyes.

Compared to basic protective effect, most of the consumers will pay more attention to other attractive points an iPhone 5 case has. Some of them will select the cases only by their appearances, while others would like to choose the ones with other functions. For example, you can find the cases fixed with folding supports to make iPhone standing on the desks or tables for you to watch videos. You can also find the cases designed with brace webs for iPhone users to pass through their hands, so that iPhone will not drop to the ground easily when you are playing with it. Some of the cases are even designed into the shape of bag for waterproof. In a word, you can find any type of iPhone 5 case you want.

Now there is a kind of iPhone 5 case which is well received by a large part of consumers because of its powerful functions. That is iPhone 5 battery case. Unlike the normal cases, iPhone 5 battery case not only can protect iPhone 5 from getting scratches, it also can supply the emergent power to iPhone 5, because there is a battery fixed inside the case’s body. In spite of that, the case is unexpectedly thin. Usually the designers will make the battery position in the bottom part of the case, so that they can make the case as thin as possible, just like the traditional ones. Besides, the bottom space of the case is limited; the designers have to rock their brains to make the battery capacity as large as possible inside such a small space.

To develop a high quality iPhone 5 battery case is not a easy thing for most of the manufacturers. Because you cannot change the general shape of it as you like. And you cannot change the built-in battery position as well. Its body should be thin, and should be perfectly fit with iPhone even it is designed with a connector plug into iPhone for its charging. What’s more, it should be designed with LED lights on the body to show the battery capacity inside. And also need the button for turning ON/OFF. In a word, the more functions it has, the more popular it will become.

Started in 2008, Wimar Technology Limited is a professional iPhone accessory manufacturer. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing iPhone external backup battery, iPhone charging station and iPhone case. Through unremitting efforts during these years, the iPhone accessories developed by Wimar Technology are both good at appearance and quality. Now most of their products have won a good market in Europe, America, Australia, Asia as well as China. With design concept of SIMPLE & ELEGANT, the products designed by Wimar Technology are never gaudy. For iPhone 5 case, they only produce the plastic case and battery case. As you can see from the picture, both two types of the case are designed with simple color and shape but looks high-end.

Now it seems that iPhone 5 case industry is more thriving than iPhone 5 itself. And iPhone 5 battery case is a great invention in this industry. Let’s wait and see, maybe there will be a more powerful invention come into the market in the near future.

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