iPad battery extender works as an external helper for iPad

iPad battery extender is the external helper for iPad, it can extender the using time of iPad. It is lithium battery charger can storage the power can charge for iPad and others mobile phones or digital devices. iPad battery extender as one product come into the consumer electronic products area is very popular. Many people chose the iPad battery extender as their partner for their devices; they take this item anytime and use this item anywhere. The convenient makes more and more like iPad battery extender.iPad battery extender

iPad battery extender with 7000mAh, have the enough power can supply to charge for iPad. And there is another advantage is it owns 2 USB port, one port suitable for mobile phones and another suitable for iPad and Samsung tablet PC. And 2 USB can work together at the same time. This function can solve the problem which they have many devices and need to charge. The surface is the IML craft, it does not afraid to be strike. Many people also say this surface can as the mirror, you can see yourself clearly. And this point as one of the advantage of iPad battery extender.

Here are the others advantages for your check and some information can help you know more about iPad battery extender.

1. IML treatment, anti-scratched surface when you use dual USB power bank 70000 daily.
2. minimizing self -energy consuming.
3. Button operation, LED indicates battery capacity.
4. Two level voltages input and output are recognized automatically.
5. Charging and discharging overload protection when you charge you iPad fully.

Above the information can help the people who are interested in iPad battery extender can catch more information. And if you want to know more detail technical parameters, you can visit www.iphone-accessories-1.com. There is an amazing and special world for us, you can see more iPad battery extender and also have others battery chargers. Different battery chargers, different functions, no matter which battery extender you choose, these products can help you deal with iPad and mobile phones cut power problem. I can make sure that it will make your life more wonderful. To get a deep knowledge about iPad Battery Extender, please go through my website http://www.iphone-accessories-1.com/


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