Make your Mobile Phone Battery last longer

mobile phone batteryThe worst thing about using a Smartphone is the battery. It seems like you just charged it, and already it’s switched off. That is an inherent problem with using a phone that does so many services for you. How many times has it happened that you phone has conked off right in the middle of a gossip session with your best friend, or when you urgently have to send an email to your boss, or when you’re expecting a long distance call from your boyfriend? The trick to making your mobile phone battery last is not by minimizing usage, but by using your phone smartly.

The simplest way to make sure that your battery lasts the whole day is to study your phone. Check the previously set settings and change anything that you might not need. For example- you do not need keypad sounds and you do not need the vibration mode and the ringer to be on together.

You can reduce the brightness of the screen to a setting you are comfortable with instead of using your screen to light up a room. You can also reduce the backlight setting, as that is simply a waste of battery life. Switch off Bluetooth and other applications when they are not in use. Keeping such applications on throughout the day leads to major battery wastage. Overcharging your phone also reduces battery life.

You do not need to run to the nearest mobile power station to charge your phone if you simply make use of your mobile phone battery smartly.

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Be Smart and Avoid Using a Mobile Power Bank Extension Kit

Almost everyone in the world old enough to own a phone, has a Smartphone. The good and great things about Smartphones aside, the one thing most of them have in common is their poor battery power. This point is hotly contested though. Many people believe that the battery goes out quickly simply because some people overuse their phones. The problem however remains and power bankshort of buying a mobile battery pack so that you can switch batteries when one is over, or buying a mobile power bank extension kit, nothing can be done.

However, if you follow these simple steps, you will see that your battery lasts longer and you do not have to use as many accessories to make sure your phone lasts the day.

  • Use your wi-fi option. If you are in an area that supports wi-fi, use it. This saves battery, as you are not using your data plan.
  • Shut all open applications. Once you have finished using an application, switch it off. Do not leave it open as it uses more battery.
  • Turning off your GPS application, makes a huge difference to your battery.
  • Keep a tab on the amount of battery you are using, so you wont be taken by surprise when your phone shuts down. Download the battery widget.
  • Put your phone on power saving mode, when you see that you are low on battery power.

Keeping a track of these simple steps will ensure that you don’t need to use a mobile power bank extension kit.